The BPI system is very simple to use and configure, yet supports the complexity needed to model any business process. As a project manager, I have implemented the BPI system at two facilities and used it at three other facilities. Qualitech has always been responsive and helped resolve many issues that were not in the contract to ensure the projects are successful.

Senior Project Manager – Toshiba


Qualitech’s BPI System is an intuitive and comprehensive Business Process Improvement (BPI) software solution that automates the entry, management, and resolution of CAPA with a simple, yet robust web-based workflow platform.

With BPI, critical information is easily accessible from a tailored dashboard, mobile application, and automated notifications and reports.  These ensure that tasks and assignments are never lost, and always communicated to the appropriate individual(s) in a timely manner.

While primarily targeted to address Corrective and Preventive Actions, BPI is more than a software fix or single business “module”.  With unlimited flexibility and customization an organization can build (without vendor involvement) additional workflow and quality related processes through a single powerful interface.

Rapid Implementation – Our typical deployment is completed in three weeks or less for a small to medium sized business and within three months for a large scale or global business, including everything from initial consultation and installation to hands-on configuration and training.


  • Accessible

    Create records and complete assignments from anywhere with a mobile device, tablet, or computer.  Mobile apps also support offline mode for many functions.

  • Efficient

    Streamline record processing, automatically populating base fields,  and routing email alerts and notifications, with hyperlinks,  to remind users of pending tasks.

  • Targeted

    Prebuilt CAPA controls can be quickly added to workflows to support common functions and methodologies (e.g., 8D, 5 Why, Observation Checklists)

  • Applicable

    Configure dashboards, graphs, detailed reports with calculated fields, and dependent metric displays to enable informed decision making at any organizational level.

  • Compliant

    Visual tools and application icons provide comprehensive access to record overviews, printable PDF forms, batch processing and both detailed signature history and field change audit trails.

  • Integrated

    Easily link related records on the fly, associate documents and files, and build in detailed logic decision points and concurrent processing branches in any workflow.