BPI System has provided us the ability to generate a robust corrective action system that is very user friendly.  It offers a straightforward interface for administrators to design, configure, and implement custom workflows to meet a wide variety of business needs. The BPI system team is great to work with, very responsive, and willing to help provide support and suggestions when needed.  Love the system and would recommend to anyone.

Westinghouse – Quality Department

Eliminate Paper and Excel Based CAPA Processes

Move past the inefficiencies of paper or Excel based solutions by automating the collection, investigation and reporting of Corrective and Preventive Actions with BPI System.

This configurable web-based platform, with real-time notifications and trend alerts, proactively encourages a culture of continuous improvement. Find what you need quickly, to make the decisions that matter.

As an Administrator, fully define the people, processes, and assets in this configurable platform that supports complex data entry rules, approval management, targeted searches, and tailored alerts and notifications.  Deploy this regulatory compliant solution in days, not weeks or months.

Remove the frustration of working with historically inefficient systems.  With BPI System, you design and control the input, flow, and extraction of data associated with preventive and corrective actions.


  • Workflow Designer

    Visually configure any workflow process, complete with business requirements, targeted controls, notifications, and integrated logic, all without vendor involvement.

  • Automated Alerts

    Trend alerts based on targeted metrics and process driven email notifications ensure that critical tasks and indicators are communicated immediately.

  • Mobile App Simplicity

    Conduct observations, complete assignments, or enter issues on the shop floor with a fully functional mobile app that also supports offline mode.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Add additional workflows, reports or implement process revisions in hours, not days or weeks with a fully proven Test to Prod staging methodology.

  • Robust Reporting

    Generate charts, graphs, drill-down queries, filtered reports, and color-coded performance indicators using an integrated report engine.

  • Built-In Integration

    Export data to Excel, Word Templates, or external software packages seamlessly.  Additionally, generate quality forms within the program based on user input.