* Is your team managing supplier quality effectively?
* Do you have key metric data available at your fingertips to make informed decisions?
* Do you still manage supplier processes with paper, spreadsheets or old legacy systems?
* Are you ready to start automating supplier/vendor relationship management?

#BPISYSTEM can help you, by managing all the data and documents you need to run a streamlined supplier quality program. With BPI System you don’t have to choose between a cookie-cutter, simplistic solution and the big price tag associated with a complex corporate platform. Our low-cost software interface is extremely flexible and configurable to your specific business needs, but simple to deploy. Call me to set up a consultation. I will share with you how automation through our streamlined SaaS application can provide your team with a collaborative, easy to use, easy to set up solution that does not require your IT department. Our best in class software will be the last business process tool your company will ever need.